What Happens If Men Have Too Much Testosterone?

Excess testosterone leads to increased likelihood of excessive alcohol consumption, risky behavior, sexually transmitted diseases and a larger propensity to smoke. The higher the testosterone levels, the more likelihood of these problems, according to WebMD.

The spectrum of normal testosterone levels in men runs from 270 to 1070 nanograms. Having levels that are somewhat above average does have some health benefits, including a reduced risk of a heart attack, obesity or high blood pressure, in comparison to men who had levels somewhat below the average.

The connection between high levels of testosterone and smoking, drinking and risky sexual behaviors dovetails with other research studies that have shown a connection between elevated levels of testosterone and risky behaviors in a number of different contexts. Studies have found that high levels of testosterone are also connected with a higher likelihood of unemployment, disciplinary problems at school, antisocial behavior and criminal activity, as stated by WebMD.

Studies indicate that 400 to 600 nanograms of is the safest level, combining the health benefits of a slightly elevated level without the risky behaviors that are associated with even higher levels. Natural testosterone levels peak for a man at the age of 20, before going through a gradual decline for the rest of his life, unless he seeks augmentation through chemical treatments.