What Happens If You Have a Lost Mucous Plug?


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According to Healthline, loss of the mucous plug is a normal occurrence during late pregnancy, signaling that the cervix is softening and beginning to dilate. The onset of labor may not occur for up to two weeks after losing the mucous plug.

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During pregnancy, mucus seals the opening of the cervix, which helps to keep bacteria out of the uterus. Your Childbirth Guide explains that vaginal discharge naturally increases towards the end of pregnancy. This may lead to a thick glob of mucus that comes out. If it is tinged with brown or red, it is called "bloody show." The mucous plug may fall out all at once, or it may loosen and fall out over time.

There is nothing to worry about when losing the mucous plug. However, if this is accompanied by losing bright red blood, contact a care provider immediately.

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