What Happens If You Get Too Little Vitamin C?


Consuming too little vitamin C increases the risk of suffering from a scurvy, a condition that occurs due to vitamin C deficiency, as stated by Merck Manuals. The deficiency can lead to other symptoms, including anemia, easy bruising, painful joints, weakened tooth enamel, gingivitisand dry skin, among others. Fortunately, this condition is not common in the United States, but it can affect the older people who don't get enough nutrition.

Severe vitamin C usually leads to scurvy. Vitamin C helps in the formation of amino acid, carnitine, collagen and hormones. It helps to speed the healing of wounds and burns. Deficiency of vitamin C may affect children and adults differently. In adults, the symptoms tend to appear weeks or months after the depletion of vitamin C. Children tend to experience poor bone growth and bone lesions due to impairment of bone tissue formation, as stated by Merck Manuals. A person also may experience poor healing of wounds and reduced ability to fight infections.

Therefore, eating food rich in vitamin C is necessary to prevent these symptoms. Fruits and vegetables to eat include winter squash, papaya, pineapple, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, mango, spinach, broccoliand potatoes. It is important to note that storing or cooking foods for too long may reduce vitamin C, as stated by MedlinePlus.