What Happens If You Get Kicked in the Side of the Stomach?

A kick in the side of the stomach may result in an abdominal injury that can also affect or injure the liver and the spleen, according to Dr. Darren Malinoski with Merck Manuals. Hollow organs are less likely to be injured with a blunt force trauma, such as a kick.

Blunt injuries to the stomach caused by a kick may rupture or cut blood vessels or abdominal organs, according to Malinoski. Blood can collect inside the structure of a solid organ or in the wall of a hollow organ, such as the small intestine. As a result, these collections of blood, known as hematomas, produce bleeding in the abdominal cavity. When a hollow organ is injured by blunt trauma to the stomach, stomach acid, urine or stool may enter the abdominal cavity and cause inflammation or irritation.

A person who is kicked in the stomach may also experience tears or cuts on the skin. Bleeding is typically minimal and less problematic than internal bleeding, according to Malinoski. Internal injuries may not be apparent immediately. For example, delayed problems caused by a kick in the stomach may include a hematoma rupture, an abdominal abscess, intestinal obstructions or abdominal compartment syndrome at a later date, according to Malinoski.