What Happens During Speed Dating Events?

Speed dating events allow large groups of singles to share quick, structured conversations with one another, with participants recording their feelings toward other singles on cards or pieces of paper. After the speed dating session, participants who express mutual interest in each other can exchange contact information and spend more time together.

Speed dating events often occur at bars and restaurants, though they may also be held in other gathering spaces such as student unions. Participants typically register for speed dating events ahead of time in order to ensure an even ratio of women and men. The events typically require a registration fee, though there are also free speed dating events.

Participants in speed dating events sit at a row of two-person tables, with women seated on one side and men on the other. After a designated period of conversation, typically lasting between three to eight minutes, the members of one group stand up and move on to the next table in the row. The system allows all the members of each group to meet one another quickly and efficiently.

While they talk, the participants make notes about which other speed daters they are interested in seeing again. After the event, the organizers collect all participants’ results and compare them for matches. Users who match up can then get each other’s contact information via email or through the organizer’s website.