What Happens During a Lupus Flare?


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During lupus flares, a patient experiences a return of his symptoms and may experience symptoms he did not suffer from in the past, notes WebMD. Joint and muscle pain, skin problems, weight loss, swollen glands and headaches are symptoms of lupus that may occur during flares.

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Doctors and patients cannot predict when lupus flares occur, as of 2015, nor can they predict their severity or how long they last, explains WebMD. During flares, people may experience hair loss, inflammation or bleeding that causes spots on the skin. In more serious cases, they may suffer from nervous system, heart and lung problems. People with lupus who also have Raynaud's phenomenon may suffer from interrupted blood flow to their fingers and toes that causes them to turn white, blue or red.

People who suffer from lupus flares may have to change their activity levels and seek help in caring for their families, according to WebMD. They should talk to their doctors during their lupus flares about new symptoms, increased severity of symptoms, any medication side effects and their mental health. Patients suffering from lupus flares should also discuss their symptoms and limitations with family members and employers to both inform them of their abilities and to receive support.

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