What Happens During Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids?


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Laser surgery for hemorrhoids is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that involves using a specially designed laser beam to burn away artery branches feeding haemorrhoidal tissue, according to WebMD. This is one of a few minimally invasive procedures that are available to patients suffering from the condition.

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What Happens During Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids?
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Laser surgery for hemorrhoids is a relatively new procedure that, although more expensive, has shown to be more effective than the traditional rubber-band ligation outpatient procedure in which the hemorrhoidal tissue is bound with a band to starve it of blood,explains the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Laser surgery, like the ligation procedure, is recommended for second- and third-degree hemorrhoids, the type that are symptomatic or moderately prolapsing. In the laser procedure operation, a Doppler probe is inserted in the anal canal to identify the arteries feeding the hemorrhoidal tissue, and five pulsed laser shots are delivered to each artery to close off the branches feeding the hemorrhoids. The area is then examined again to ensure that the arteries have coagulated at the specified branch points.

A study of 65 patients at two teaching hospitals in Italy showed that the laser procedure was more effective than the ligation procedure, according to the NCBI. Patients experienced less pain and discomfort after the operation, and they showed improved symptoms and quality of life overall.

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