What Happens If You Cut a Wart Off?

Surgery to remove warts is a viable option for quickly getting rid of warts, according to WebMD. This type of surgery is fast, effective and is usually chosen when home and doctor's office treatments have not worked to remove a wart.

There are several surgical options for wart removal, and most surgeons start with whichever one has been shown to cause the least amount of scarring. The most common are electrosurgery and curettage and laser surgery.

Electrosurgery involves burning off the wart using an electric current, while curettage involves the use of a sharp knife or other tool to cut the wart off. The second option, laser surgery, makes use of a beam of light to burn the wart off. These two methods are generally used for warts that recur or that are hard to remove. Curettage is not a good option for large areas of warts.

It is important to note that even after surgical removal, warts may return, according to WebMD. This is due to the fact that surgery does not eliminate the virus that causes the wart. Health care providers will recommend what surgery type is best in any particular situation based on the size, location and type of wart being removed.