What Happens After a Cervical Cerclage Is Removed?

After removal of a cervical cerclage, a woman can expect to stay in the hospital for several hours or perhaps overnight to be monitored for signs of premature labor, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Light bleeding and mild cramping may occur immediately after the procedure, which should stop within several days. After the procedure, the doctor may prescribe medication to prevent infection and the start of preterm labor.

A thick vaginal discharge may develop after removal of the cervical cerclage, which could continue for the duration of the pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association. A woman should plan on having a discussion with her doctor or nurse regarding when it is safe to resume normal daily activities, and any other concerns, before discharge from the hospital.

The American Pregnancy Association says that women should plan on resting at home for a couple of days before returning to their daily routines. Women should also avoid performing any unnecessary physical activity. Doctors often recommend that patients abstain from sexual intercourse for one week before and at least one week after undergoing a procedure to remove a cervical cerclage. A woman should seek immediate medical help if symptoms of labor, infection or vaginal bleeding develop after a cervical cerclage is removed.