What Happens After the Birth of a Newborn Baby?


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After the birth of a newborn baby, the baby needs to be kept warm and dry, Baby Center claims. This is because newborns do not have effective temperature control. Doctors cut the umbilical cord after the mother gives birth.

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What Happens After the Birth of a Newborn Baby?
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After a hospital birth, doctors put the umbilical cord between a set of clamps and cut between the clamps, Baby Center explains. Doctors take a sample of blood from the cord to test the newborn's blood type. Hospital staff suction the newborn's mouth and nose to remove excess fluid. A few minutes after birth, doctors perform an Apgar assessment, which tests the baby's heart rate, breathing, muscles, reflexes and color. Most women begin breast-feeding their newborns shortly after birth. About one hour after birth, doctors apply antibiotic ointment drops to the newborn's eyes to prevent infections.

During the first 24 hours after the birth of a newborn, the baby is given a bath and a vitamin K injection to help the blood clot normally, KidsHealth states. Screening blood tests check the baby for phenylketonuria and congenital hypothyroidism. Most newborns stay in the hospital for about 48 hours after vaginal births and 96 hours after cesarean deliveries.

Women who deliver babies at home need to ask a doctor how to do these blood tests, Baby Center explains. Most newborns need these tests at a hospital or clinic setting no more than seven days after the baby is born.

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