What Happen If a Roach Gets Inside a Person's Ear?

When a roach gets inside of a person's ear it can scratch or puncture the eardrum or lead to an ear infection. Roaches are the bugs that crawl into people's ears most often.

Roaches crawl into people's ears because they like to squeeze into small spaces. The bugs often crawl inside people's ears during the night because they prefer to explore in the dark. If a roach or any other type of insect gets inside of a person's ear, they should not place their finger inside to try to remove it, states the National Institutes of Health.

Turn the head so that the affected side is facing up to allow the insect inside the ear to either fly or crawl out. If the insect doesn't crawl out of the ear on its own, pour mineral oil, olive oil or baby oil inside the ear. Pull the ear lobe backward and upward gently while pouring the oil inside the ear, or backward and downward when pouring the oil into a child's ear. The oil should suffocate any bug that is inside and cause it to float out as the oil runs out of the ear. Medical attention should still be sought even if the bug is removed from the ear because small insect parts may be left behind. Any insect parts that are left inside of the ear can lead to irritation of the skin inside the ear and the ear canal.