Why Do My Hands Shake Constantly?


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The symptom of shaking hands can have many causes that include normal aging, anxiety, the effect of certain medications, muscle fatigue, essential tremors, stroke, brain disorder and Parkinson's disease, relates the National Institute of Health. Although tremors are most often noticed in the hands and arms, tremors can also affect other parts of the body.

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A main cause of shaking hands may be a condition called essential tremor. This condition is a neurological problem that may get worse with time. However, this condition is not caused by a disease so is deemed not dangerous, according to the Mayo Clinic. Essential tremors may be a genetic mutation that may run in some families.

If the tremors are due to causes like stress, anxiety, or a medication, a doctor may address each specific cause and suggest the appropriate treatment options. For stress, a person may need to relax more, suggests the National Institute of Health. However, because there are many causes that may be linked to a serious disease, a person with this symptom should see his doctor for a diagnosis.

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