Why Do My Hands and Feet Tingle?


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Tingling in the hands and feet can occur temporarily after the arms or legs are held in a position that aggravates a nerve, according to WebMD. In more severe cases, the tingling sensation can be a symptom of peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome or vitamin deficiencies.

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Peripheral neuropathy is often one of the first signs that a patient has diabetes, and the sensation can travel from the feet and hands into the legs and arms if left untreated, according to WebMD. Additional causes of peripheral neuropathy include ulnar nerve palsy, liver disease, alcoholism, lupus, hormonal imbalances, tumors, Lyme disease, injury and prolonged exposure to heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury. Almost one-third of patients diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy are unsure of the cause of their affliction.

Peripheral neuropathy is a common disorder that affects over 20 million Americans, according to WebMD. It is a form of nerve damage that can cause severe health and mobility complications if left untreated. Patients who experience tingling in the hands and feet are urged to have their symptoms evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible to avoid permanent nerve damage. Diagnostic tests such as blood work, computed tomography scans, nerve biopsies and magnetic resonance imaging may be performed to locate the root cause of peripheral neuropathy.

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