How Do You Handle Mood Swings in Men?


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Some ways to handle mood swings in men are to draw them into activities and conversation and point out positive solutions or counterexamples to their negative complaints, be proactive about suicidal comments and watch any medications they are taking, according to Helpguide, which works closely with Harvard Health Publications and Harvard Medical School. Helpguide reports that depression is usually an underlying cause of mood swings.

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PsychCentral recommends that men keep journals to identify their mood swing triggers. Helpguide cautions against pushing men to do too much; extra pressure can overwhelm men and make them feel like they are set up for failure. Above all, people grappling with men's mood swings must recognize that the issue is ultimately out of their hands.

To have a conversation with a man about his mood swings, Helpguide recommends avoiding words such as "depression" in favor of "stressed." His changing behavior should be detailed, with specific examples and patterns used. Advice should include suggesting a doctor visit for a check-up and a counseling appointment. The man should be urged to write down his feelings, physical issues, use of substances and any mood swing symptoms. He can be encouraged to undertake a new activity or to reconnect with old friends.

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