How Do You Handle Anger?


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A number of ways help to control anger, including humor, relaxation techniques and therapy. Changing thought patterns, improving communication and using problem-solving strategies are also helpful, according to the American Psychological Association. While anger is a normal human emotion, constant, seemingly uncontrollable anger should be considered an issue.

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People deal with anger in different ways, both consciously and unconsciously. Anger can be expressed, suppressed or calmed by an individual. It is healthy to express anger in certain ways. Rather than being aggressive, the APA recommends being assertive while expressing anger. Anger suppression is considered unhealthy and can lead to displacing anger and passive-aggressiveness.

Being assertive while expressing anger requires a person to be calm and straightforward. To be calm, using relaxation techniques, changing thought patterns and exercising behavioral discipline are essential. Improving communications comes into play when expressing anger in an assertive, rather than aggressive, manner. The APA recommends gathering one's thoughts before speaking to effectively communicate concerns. Listening is also extremely important; understanding the other side of an argument is necessary for handling angry confrontations. It is also better to listen and try to understand instead of immediately becoming defensive. In situations when anger seems uncontrollable and begins to have negative effects on a person's life, therapy is a recommended option.

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