When Are Hand Tremors Considered a Serious Medical Condition?


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Patients should contact a doctor immediately if hand tremors develop suddenly, worsen, interfere with daily activities or occur while taking medications, according to WebMD. Patients should observe tremors carefully to see what makes these involuntary shaking movements better or worse.

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When Are Hand Tremors Considered a Serious Medical Condition?
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The most common type of tremor is essential tremor, a condition that tends to run in families, as stated by WebMD. Patients do not experience tremors when they are not moving, but the shaking may become more prominent while pointing a finger or holding a teacup. Medication may be helpful in these instances, but brain surgery is also an option. Hand tremors may be the side effect of conditions affecting the nervous system such as alcoholism, mercury poisoning, liver failure and Parkinson's disease. It may also be the side effect of medications such as lithium and certain antidepressants.

Other causes of tremors include stroke, traumatic injury and multiple sclerosis, as affirmed by MedicineNet. Resting tremors that only affects the hands or fingers is commonly seen in patients with Parkinson's disease, and action tremors can take several forms. Patients who are concerned about hand tremors should make an appointment with a doctor for a comprehensive physical examination and diagnosis.

Tremors may also occur in the head, voice, feet or torso, according to WebMD.

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