How Do You Do Hand Stand Push Ups?

How Do You Do Hand Stand Push Ups?

To do handstand push ups, practice handstands to learn how to balance, build up the strength necessary, practice handstand push ups against a wall and then do one without any assistance. Depending on your fitness level, It can take months or years to perform a handstand push up.

  1. Practice handstands

    Begin in a shallow lunge position. Lunge forward while kicking the back leg up. Both hands should plant on the ground from the leg kick, and the front leg should then come up as well. Practice kicking up without trying to hold the hand stand. Hold the hand stand once you have the proper balance.

  2. Build strength in the shoulders

    Handstand push ups require strength in the triceps and shoulders. Perform weight lifting exercises, such as the overhead press, to develop strength in those muscle groups. When you can overhead press an amount equal to your body weight, you are strong enough to do a handstand push up.

  3. Practice against a wall

    Perform a handstand with your feet resting against a wall. You can face towards the wall or away from the wall. Lower yourself until your head is near the floor, then press up. Keep your body rigid and your elbow close to your body throughout the movement.

  4. Try a handstand push up without assistance

    Kick up into a free-standing handstand, and get balanced. Lower yourself to the ground steadily, then try to push yourself back up.