How Do You Do Hamstring Curls?


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There are many different ways to perform hamstring curls, but weighted hamstring curls are simple and effective. In order to perform a weighted hamstring curl, you need access to a safe area to lie down and a dumbbell with a weight you are comfortable with.

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  1. Lie down with the dumbbell between your feet

    Place your dumbbell on the ground in a location where you are able to fit it between your feet. Lie down on your stomach,and fold your arms in front of your face with your legs open. Close your legs so that your feet hold the dumbbell in place. Make sure you have a good hold on the dumbbell so it does not drop on you during the exercise.

  2. Pull the dumbbell up and forward

    Lift the dumbbell by bending your knees and pulling your feet upward. Stop when your calves are at about a 90 degree angle from the ground.

  3. Lower your legs and repeat the entire process

    Bring the dumbbell back down to the ground by extending your knees back slowly. Make sure you do not slam the weight into the ground. Repeat the entire exercise for as many repetitions as your particular program calls for.

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