What Is Halodrol 50?


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Halodrol 50 is a body building supplement by Gaspari Nutrition that allows for the progressive gain of muscle mass in the shortest possible time. According to its manufacturer, the supplement guarantees an increase in muscle mass and minimal bloating due to water weight.

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According to Herbal Medicinal Tips, Halodrol 50 is an anabolic steroid with synthetic versions of testosterone and a Schedule III controlled substance. It’s popular with body builders and athletes for its anabolic characteristics, which abnormally accelerate the growth of muscles, bones and red blood cells with little fitness training. When taken, the body automatically lowers or ceases its natural production of testosterone, resulting in temporary hormonal imbalance.

Users of Halodrol 50 are also at risk of cardiovascular problems such as an unstable heartbeat, weakened tendons, dizziness, blurred vision and elevated cholesterol levels, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. For men, possible side effects include an enlarged prostate and impotence.

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