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Halodril is an oral steroid used for gaining muscle mass. It is a derivative of the anabolic steroid testosterone, according to Steroid.com, and is also known by the name Oral Turinabol and nicknames T-bol or OT.

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Halodrol was originally sold as an over-the-counter sports supplement. It has never been sold as a prescription drug or had FDA approval. Steroid.com states that Halodrol was tested at one point and found to have androgenic and anabolic numbers similar to prescription steroids. The original manufacturers chose to remove it from the market, replacing Halodrol with a similarly named product, Halodrol LIquigels, which contain no steroids. Halodrol is still currently available from other supplement companies.

Although Halodrol is known to increase lean muscle, any muscle gain is lost when the supplement is discontinued. Its use as a weight-loss supplement is strongly discouraged by dietspotlight.com. No known fat burning properties are associated with the use of Halodrol.

Side effects from Halodrol are usually less than those found with other comparable steroids, but considerable problems are still associated with its use. Tunedsports.com lists several, including hair thinning, acne, increased aggression, migraines, shrunken testicles and loss of libido. The user's blood pressure and cholesterol levels may increase. Liver function can also be affected. Since Halodrol is considered a steroid, it is illegal by most sporting organizations.

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