What Are Some Hallmarks of True Friendship?


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Hallmarks of true friendship include trustworthiness and caring for the welfare and happiness of the friend. True friendship also respects individual privacy when appropriate and gives to others without expecting anything in return.

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A breach of trust can create skepticism in a friendship. Trustworthiness allows a friend to act vulnerably and share weaknesses. If a person trusts her friend, she can act like her true self without fear of the friend's reaction or worrying about the friend spreading the information to others. This involves speaking honestly and without bias. Trustworthiness also includes an element of dependability because a person must know that her friend is available to help when needed and that the friend fulfills promises.

A true friend cares without judgment. This allows her friend to express her true thoughts and feelings without fear. An ability to listen shows that the friend can handle intimate thoughts with non-judgmental support. The friend also expresses empathy for the other person's situation. That the friend can help celebrate another person's success is a sign of her ability to establish an in-depth emotional relationship. A friend is emotionally present in both good and bad times.

In addition, true friendship is generous with resources. A friend offers her time, money and knowledge with generosity. Friendship supports the goals of a friend. The friend also identifies the needs of the other and responds to those needs by offering her resources. However, true friendship respects a friend's relationships with family, co-workers and other friends and allows a friend the privacy to pursue these other relationships.

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