What Are Halfway Houses for Adults?


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Halfway houses for adults provide temporary living accommodations for individuals recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, explains HalfwayHouse.com. Some states legally mandate that such places be called sober living houses. Most halfway houses require patients to take drug and breathalyzer tests to continue to qualify for residence. Residents typically come to a halfway house from treatment centers or prisons, or are mandated to go there by court order.

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When a person needs treatment to get sober, he should seek a treatment center before looking for a halfway house, as halfway houses are not equipped to deal with issues that may come up during the early phases of recovery such as withdrawal, explains HalfwayHouse,com. Halfway houses are often run by former residents in recovery. This provides a counseling presence that can help residents avoid sinking back into addictive behavior.

Halfway houses provide residence to individuals recovering from both drugs and alcohol because of economic reasons, reports HalfwayHouse.com. Thus, residents should seek continued recovery help outside of the halfway house during their stays, such as by attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Residents stay in halfway houses for periods of up to six months oe more, depending on the specific house.

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