What Is a Hair Transplant Procedure for a Balding Crown?


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First, the doctor removes a small patch of skin and hair from the patient's head, and then sutures it back up, according to WebMD. The doctor then slices the patch into tiny grafts that contain only about one or two hairs. In the end, there are about 500 to as much as 2000 grafts.

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When the grafts are ready, the doctor prepares the bald areas on the patient's scalp, and then uses a scalpel or a needle to makes slits or holes, claims WebMD. After this, he very carefully implants the grafts. The procedure takes between four and eight hours, but can take longer if the patient decides he wants a thicker head of hair. Because the grafts are the patient's own tissue, there is little chance of rejection.

However, after the procedure the patient needs to take antibiotics to guard against infection, says WebMD. He also needs pain medications and must wear a dressing over his scalp for about a day. Other patients take drugs to keep down inflammation.

The transplanted hair falls out after two or three weeks, but this normal, according to WebMD. Hair regrows after a few months, and most patients notice a 60 percent growth of hair between six and nine months after the procedure. A doctor may also prescribe drugs that stimulate hair growth such as minoxidil.

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