How Do You Get Your Hair Back to Normal After Chemo?


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After chemotherapy treatment in which all the hair has fallen out, the hair grows back on its own, explains Mayo Clinic. Hair regrowth is typically a slow process, and the hair texture or color may be different than it was before treatment.

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Patients may not be able to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy, says Mayo Clinic, but they can make the best of it. Hair care should begin before treatment ever starts and includes stopping coloring and perming, which weaken hair. Avoiding heat from blow dryers and other devices can also help strengthen hair, which in turn may help it last a little longer before falling out during treatment.

During chemo, patients should continue babying their hair, according to Mayo Clinic, using a soft brush, washing less often, and switching to a gentler shampoo. Some people prefer to go ahead and shave their heads, which can reduce scalp itching and irritation and also prevent the embarrassment of shedding.

Chemotherapy can cause hair loss all over the body, not just on the head, states Mayo Clinic. Fortunately, this hair loss is almost always temporary. Within three to 10 months after the end of treatment, hair usually begins to grow back and eventually returns to normal. Patients should continue to take good care of their new hair growth as it will be vulnerable to heat and styling products for some time.

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