How Will the H2O Concepts Water System Improve Health?


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The H2O Concepts water treatment system is designed to remove chlorine and other damaging chemicals from tap water while still leaving the calcium and magnesium necessary for healthy bodies. The system also removes algae and bacteria, which can cause illness.

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While chlorine is beneficial in that it eliminates most harmful microorganisms from water, it also leaves behind by-products that can lead to cancer, kidney and liver damage, immune system problems, nervous system disorders and birth defects. The H2O Concepts system allows the chlorine to do its job in disinfecting the water but removes it and its by-products before people use the water.

The H2O Concepts system also removes pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lead, mercury and other chemicals found in personal care products. These contaminants can move through wastewater and into the groundwater or rivers and streams, thus contaminating drinking water. The H2O Concepts system is effective at removing these harmful chemicals from the water, making it safe for personal use and drinking.

In addition to the health benefits, treated water helps make skin smoother and less dry and makes hair softer. It also makes drinking water taste fresher. It can also improve the flavor of juices, coffee and foods that are boiled or steamed.

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