Which Gyms Offer Free Memberships?

Gold's Gym, Bally Total Fitness and Anytime Fitness all offer free seven-day memberships, while Fitness Works and LA Fitness both offer a free three-day guest pass. Gyms with completely free memberships are more difficult to find, though many gyms offer a relatively inexpensive membership plan.

Free membership passes, which are usually valid for between three and seven consecutive days, are a common promotional offer amongst all types of gyms. Even local independent gyms routinely offer free membership passes for a specified amount of time, and sometimes a gym representative will offer additional promotions or deals when a client signs up for a membership, which may include a free starting period. Though many gyms offer free memberships for a set period, some only offer them with the purchase of an ongoing membership plan.

There are gyms that offer completely free memberships, but these are usually only available to certain individuals, such as students. Most gyms require some form of monthly payment, and the price can vary greatly. Gyms run various offers that may change over time, so locating a local gym and simply calling or visiting is often the best way to discover any current or upcoming promotions, including free trials.