What Are Some Gym Workouts for Women?


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Popular gym workouts for women include those that incorporate cardiovascular, strength training and group exercises. In addition to the workout in the gym, women benefit from learning about nutrition involved with workouts and post workout eating, such as a protein boost and juices designed to provide vitamins and nutrients.

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A few ways to get a cardiovascular workout are exercises on the treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bike. There are alternate versions of all three machines that provide a similar workout with modifications, such as the recumbent bike, which is designed to decrease the amount of stress on the joints. Strength training can be done either with free weights, such as dumbbells, or with weight machines.

Group fitness classes are not only an additional way to stay fit, but they may help in the motivation to continue the exercise regime. Studies show that those who take gym classes tend to visit the gym more often. Just as important as learning the right moves for the workout is being gym savvy, which includes knowing how to prevent potential infections caused by dirty towels and machines not being wiped down. Another tip is to keep personal items locked up when exercising by investing in a quality lock.

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