What Gym Franchises Offer Crossfit?

The most accurate and easiest way to find gym franchises that offer CrossFit is to visit CrossFit.com and scroll down the list of CrossFit gym affiliates or use the locations map located under the navigation links on the site's home page. Each affiliated gym offers classes and programs based on the CrossFit program originally developed by Greg Glassman in 2000, notes CrossFit.com.

In order to find gym franchises that offer CrossFit, go to the official CrossFit website. There are three options available for users to find a participating gym.

The first option is to view the affiliated gym listings on the left side of the home page. The gyms are linked to their websites and have two categories: military and general affiliate locations. This option lists the gym names and locations but does not categorized gyms by state or alphabetically, as noted by the website.

In order to search by a geographical location rather than a gym name, click on the affiliates link from the navigation links column on the home page. This option provides a worldwide map that can be narrowed down to a desired city location.

The third option is to search a specific gym to see if it offers CrossFit. To use this option, enter the gym's name into the search text box. This will bring up the information obtained through CrossFit regarding the status of a specific gym.