How Do You Know If a Guy Is Flirting?


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To know if a guy is flirting, look for a smile, a confident body stance, eye contact and special treatment compared to how he treats other women. In addition, a man that is flirting remembers what the woman says and finds ways to ask about the woman's relationship status.

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If a man focuses on one woman and gives her special attention compared to others, it's a good sign that he is flirting. While some men are friendly with everyone, noting that a man treats one woman with favor over others is a key sign of the man's flirtation. In addition, leaning in towards the woman while speaking with her is another visible sign. The man might also try to do thoughtful things for the woman, such as offering a ride home or help with tasks.

Look for a stance in which the man stands with his hands on his hips or with his hands in his front belt loops. These poses attempt to display the man's masculinity and dominance. Also, flirting men often go out of their way to stand near the woman of interest.

If a man is interested in the woman, the man remembers what she says. In addition, he steers conversation with the woman towards her relationship status. Other sly conversation might include trying to get the woman's number.

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