What Does Gum Surgery Help to Correct?


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Gum surgery is commonly used for correcting gum disease. Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease occurs due to bacteria building up and multiplying in the mouth, according to Colgate.

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Common types of gum surgery performed for correcting gum disease include pocket reduction surgery, bone grafts, bone surgery, soft tissue grafts and guided tissue regeneration, states WebMD. Pocket reduction surgery is performed to minimize the amount of areas in the mouth and gums that dangerous bacteria grow in, therefore decreasing the risk of more severe health issues caused by gum disease. Bone grafts replace damaged bones in the teeth caused by gum disease and allow regeneration of the bone. Bone surgery is used for reshaping and reducing craters in the teeth that allow bacteria to multiply, and tissue regeneration is used to stimulate new tissue and bone growth.

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