Are Some Gum Infections Only Cured With Teeth Extraction?


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If an infection develops due to gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, teeth extraction may be necessary, suggests the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Gum disease treatments can vary depending on the extent of the disease, and the main goal is to stop the progression of the infection with treatment options that can include deep cleaning, medications and surgery. However, when gum disease has progressed to a severe stage where tissue and bone are destroyed, teeth become loose and teeth extraction is the only option, notes WebMD.

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Are Some Gum Infections Only Cured With Teeth Extraction?
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Gum disease is an infection that affects the tissues that surround the teeth. Gum disease is painless, and people are usually unaware of the condition until they experience certain symptoms like bleeding gums, gum inflammation and bad breath. Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease, and it can progress to periodontitis.

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