What Are the Guidelines for a Gallbladder Flush Using Apple Juice?


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As of 2015, there is no credible evidence that gallbladder flushes, including those using apple juice, are effective. Everyday Health states that there is no scientific proof that gallbladder flushes can prevent or break up gallstones, or any other disease.

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What Are the Guidelines for a Gallbladder Flush Using Apple Juice?
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Some websites, such as Livestrong.com and World Wide Health Center, claim that gallbladder flushes are effective in treating gallstones by breaking up gallstones, so that gallstones can be released in stool. Most of the recipes for these flushes recommended by these websites involve drinking a combination of oil and juice. For gallbladder flushes using apple juice, these websites tend to have general guidelines such as drinking water along with the flush to avoid dehydration, and also lying down on the right side after consuming the oil and juice.

However, medical experts at Everyday Health caution that gallbladder flushes are not effective in treating gallstones, and may not be safe. While the oil in gallbladder flushes does have a laxative effect, the resultant stool lumps that appear to be gallstones are actually composed of oil, juice and other materials. Gallbladder flushes may also cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. To treat gallstones safely and effectively, it is best to discuss treatment with a doctor. Some scientifically-proven medical options include surgical removal of gallstones, bile salt tablets and sound wave therapy.

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