Which Groups Are at Risk of Developing Statin Induced Myopathy?


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The groups with a greater risk of developing statin induced myopahty include those carrying the inherited variations of the SLCO1B1 gene, are female, older, have a low body mass index, have hypertension, have hypothyroidism that has not been treated, have renal disease, hepatic disease or diabetes mellitus, as stated by National Aids Treatment Advocacy Project and Boston Heart Diagnostics. People who have used crack cocaine or have had too many alcoholic beverages over their lifetime are also more likely to develop statin induced mypoathy.

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Patients with statin induced myopathy will require individualized treatment that is based on the particular patient's SLCO1B1 genotype. Patients will either have a T/C genotype or C/C genotype. Most patients with T/C genotypes will need water-soluble statin treatments such as pitavastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin or rosuvastain, while C/C genotype patients will most likely need a lower dose of the same treatments. These different genotypes will also potentially require colesevelam or ezetimibe therapy.

In addition to the genotype, medical professionals will also want to look at the range of symptoms that the patient is experiencing as well as determine the underlying cause of the condition. Statin induced myopathy is a type of muscle spasms, muscle pain and muscle aches that are caused by statin treatment therapy.

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