What Are Some Group Mindfulness Exercises?


Mindfully eating raisins and analyzing thoughts about the past and future are two group mindfulness exercises. Both exercises require each individual to perform a task on his own and then discussing his thoughts with the group.

The mindfully eating raisins group exercise starts with each individual holding a raisin in his hand. Each person should note any sensations, likes and dislikes he feels when doing this exercise. The first steps are feeling the weight of the raisins, examining the raisins' unique features and feeling the raisins' texture with fingers.

The next steps are listening to the sounds the raisins make when they are squished, sniffing the raisins close to the nose and taking the raisins to the lips. The final steps are placing and exploring the raisins in the mouths, chewing the raisins slowly and swallowing the raisins consciously. The group then discusses the experiences felt while performing the exercises and how the exercise helps bring mindfulness to future activities.

The analyzing thoughts about the past and future exercise is done by having each group individual write down all of his thoughts on a sheet of paper for three minutes. The thoughts are then labeled as dealing with the past, present or future. Afterwards, each person tallies up the amount of thoughts associated with the past, present and future, and discusses his findings with the group. The group should discuss why each individual's thoughts were mostly in the past, present or future.