What Are Some Group Activities for Improving Mental Health?


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Group activities for improving mental health include volunteering; taking adult education classes; and regularly participating in clubs, special interest groups or groups devoted to a social cause, states HelpGuide.org. As the benefits of online interaction are limited, individuals are encouraged to participate in face-to-face social activities, where nonverbal communication plays a significant part. Conversations in which an individual can share his thoughts and feelings without judgment or rebuke are also frequently helpful.

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As mental health is strongly linked to physical health, individuals wishing to improve their mental health should exercise regularly, make sure they get adequate rest, and avoid harmful substances, notes HelpGuide.org. An exercise regimen that involves at least 30 minutes of daily activity is desirable, but any amount of activity included in a daily routine is helpful. Typically, sleeping between seven and eight hours provides sufficient rest to stay healthy. Substances such as tobacco, alcohol and other stimulants lead to long-term health deterioration and should be avoided.

Other activities for improving mental health include caring for a pet, performing fulfilling work and enjoying leisure time, suggests HelpGuide.org. Caring for a pet creates a bond that leads to a strengthened sense of being needed, and a pet that requires walking also provides regular physical activity. Fulfilling work, including hobbies such as playing music, creating art and gardening, leads to a feeling of productive creativity. Leisure activities, including reading, watching movies and talking to friends, produce a sense of well-being when done purely for their own sake.

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