What Is Greenlight Laser Surgery?

What Is Greenlight Laser Surgery?

Greenlight laser surgery is a surgical procedure used for the treatment of prostate enlargement. This condition, which is also called benign prostatic hyperplasia, causes urinary problems in men, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Doctors use Greenlight laser surgery for the removal or reduction of any excess prostate tissue that is causing any type of urinary problems, such as urine retention, slow urination, or frequent and urgent urination.

Although there are other laser surgery options for an enlarged prostate gland, such as Holmium laser ablation and Holmium enucleation, Greenlight laser surgery is another new, minimally invasive technique in which any excess prostate tissue is vaporized instead of being excised.

The technology involved in Greenlight laser surgery uses both fiber optics and lasers to generate such intense heat that the overgrowth of prostate tissue is vaporized, clearing the urinary channel or urethra for better urine flow. To perform, the technique, a surgeon introduces a scope through the penis, which passes through the urethra to get to the prostate gland. A laser is put in through the scope and begins the vaporization process.

Some benefits of Greenlight surgery for an enlarged prostate include that there is less bleeding, patients are discharged the same day, it has a quick recovery time and it can successfully restore urine flow, as stated by Robotic Oncology.

The prostate gland is near the urethra. When the prostate becomes large, it can press on the urethra, causing different types of urinary or bladder problems, according to WebMD. When symptoms are severe, laser surgery can be the ideal treatment option.