How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?


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Green coffee bean extract helps reduce blood pressure due to its chlorogenic acid content, which affects blood vessels, explains WebMD. Chlorogenic acid also helps aid weight loss by influencing the body’s blood sugar production and metabolic processes.

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Non-roasted coffee beans are called green coffee beans, states WebMD. When coffee beans are roasted, the chemical chlorogenic acid is reduced. Thus, green coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical than roasted coffee beans. Researchers believe that chlorogenic acid has certain health benefits for high blood pressure, weight loss and diabetes. Some studies have found that patients with mild high blood pressure who took 93 to 185 milligrams of a particular green coffee extract every day experienced lower blood pressure after 28 days. Research also reveals that people who take 80 to 200 milligrams of green coffee extract on a daily basis may lose some weight within 12 weeks.

Aside from its chlorogenic acid content, green coffee bean extract may have weight loss benefits due to its caffeine content, says NYU Langone Medical Center. Moreover, there is a possibility green coffee bean extract can prevent diabetes, although there is insufficient evidence. Based on the results of a large human trial, the most effective daily dosage of green coffee bean extract for hypertension is 185 milligrams. This dose contains around 60 milligrams of chlorogenic acid. The extract is considered a safe substance with no serious side effects.

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