What Are Some Great Exercises to Strengthen Your Core?


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Exercises that can strengthen the core include abdominal crunch and single-leg abdominal press. Others include modified plank, superman, side plank, double-leg abdominal press variations and quadruped.

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What Are Some Great Exercises to Strengthen Your Core?
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To perform an abdominal crunch, an individual lies on his back, raises his feet and rests them against a wall, with his hip and knees bending at 90 degrees, and with abdominal muscles tight. He lifts his head and shoulders above the ground, and places his arms across each other over the chest to relieve the neck of stress. Maintaining the position and breathing deeply three times completes this process. For better results, this process should be repeated from the first step.

In a single-leg abdominal press, an individual lies on his back and bends his knees. He holds the abdominal muscles tight, with the back neutrally positioned so that it does not exert pressure on the ground or become arched. He lifts the right leg to bend the right knee and hip at 90 degrees, places the right hand over the knee of the raised leg, and uses the hand to push against the knee while pulling the knee toward the hand for three deep breaths. The hand arm should be held straight when pressing. Repeating the process for the remaining hand and knee completes this process.

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