How Do You Get Great Abs?

How Do You Get Great Abs?

Great abs can be achieved by performing abdominal exercises and eating a balanced diet of proteins and carbohydrates. Keeping a focus on lowering overall body fat composition also increases the visibility of abdominal muscles.

Engage in an intense interval training program that increases fat-burning even at rest. Such an exercise program allows for more burning of glucose stores in the body rather than just the energy in the fat cells. Increase overall weight conditioning and training to raise the metabolic rate during rest while consuming a clean-eating diet to shed fat.

Work not only the upper and lower region of the abdominal muscles, but also the oblique muscles and the lower back, which supports the spine and internal organs. Exercising using a 3D approach increases strength in the core and improves posture.

Practice better standing and sitting to help slim a protruding tummy, and increase fiber in the diet to decrease bloat. Using extra equipment to get great abs is not needed, but you can strengthen core muscles anywhere by pulling the abs into the navel, holding for 10 seconds and releasing.

With proper diet, exercise and patience, great abs can be seen in about 12 weeks. For better results continue with a program that reduces overall body fat and increases muscle.