What Are Grants for Assisted Living?


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Grants for assisted living help owners of development sites convert their living spaces into federally approved Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) or Service Enriched Housing (SEH) establishments. The federal Housing and Urban Development agency, or HUD, provides financial assistance to developers who outfit their multifamily units and condos into qualified assisted living facilities for elderly residents and people with disabilities. These grants award up to $15 million for the conversion, but require strict compliance to ensure facilities meet federal regulations, notes LeadingAge.

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To secure a grant, developers begin by completing applications and submitting them to the HUD before a specified due date. They must demonstrate in their applications for ALF and SEH establishments that facilities have enough room for residents and a central community area. Assisted living areas where food will be prepared onsite for residents must also have sufficient space to accommodate a kitchen, notes LeadingAge.

In addition to meeting space requirements, applicants must also demonstrate that requisite care services will be available to all residents. They may hire third-party caregivers, such as nurses and therapists, to provide necessary support.

If the HUD determines applicants meet qualifying criteria, grants are awarded. These grants cover the costs of converting current living spaces into areas suitable for individuals with special needs. Funds cover physical alterations and any necessary remodeling. Additionally, new renovations must meet federal standards for accessibility.

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