What Is Grade 1, Stage 1 in Hepatitis C Cases?


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A grade 1, stage 1 hepatitis C case has minimal inflammation with only portal fibrosis, according to Mayo Clinic. An individual at this point is only minimally affected by the disease.

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Doctors score cases of the hepatitis C virus, or HCV, by the grade of necroinflammation, or the rate of death and inflammation of the liver cells, and the stage of fibrosis, or the rate of the scarring of the liver tissues, explains Mayo Clinic. Grades go from A0 to A3, and stages range from F0 to F4. The most severe cases of HCV are grade A3, stage F4. At this point, patients experience severe necroinflammation activity and cirrhosis of the liver. Grade A1, stage F1 has very little scarring and inflammation. Those with grade A0, stage F0 have no symptoms of HCV.

Hepatitis C is a virus that attacks the liver and can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer, explains WebMD. HCV is a sexually transmitted disease that can also spread through infected needles and bodily fluids. A person can get HCV through blood transfusions or organ transplants already infected with the virus. However, if doctors catch the disease early enough, certain drugs can cure or treat it.

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