How is gout treated?


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Treatment of gout involves the use of medications and several measures to manage the condition from home. After being diagnosed with gout, the first step is to treat the complications and symptoms associated with the condition. More treatments may be required to prevent attacks by reducing the levels of uric acids, as stated by NHS.

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Self-care is usually important to prevent the advancement of the condition. When a person has gout, it is necessary to rest the affected joints. Knocking the joint can further make gout worse. Applying a pack of ice keeps the joint cool thus helping to relieve pain and prevent swelling. The ice should be applied to the affected joint for at least 20 minutes. The ice should be first wrapped in a towel prior to applying it to the skin. Direct contact with the ice can lead to damage to the skin.

It is also necessary to manage long-term gout and prevent any potential attacks. In some people, gout symptoms can disappear and reappear over time without medical attention. Consequently, the condition can become ongoing thus leading to damage to the joints. Following the doctor's advice and taking medication that curbs high uric acid levels are quite essential, as stated by WebMD.

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