What Are Some Good Yoga Exercises?


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Good yoga exercises for beginners include the Chair, Legs-Up-the-Wall, Plank and Thread the Needle poses. Advanced students practice inversions and poses such as the Upward Bow, Forearm Balance, and Two-Legged Inverted Staff.

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What Are Some Good Yoga Exercises?
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Additional good exercises for those seeking to increase their flexibility include the Mountain, Warrior, Tree, Downward Dog, Triangle and Bridge poses, as well as Seated Twist, Cobra, Pigeon and Crow poses. Some of these poses are modified depending on flexibility. For example, the Mountain pose can be done while laying on the back, with feet against a wall, if standing is too challenging. Also, especially recommended for hikers, Jiva squats and low lunges help work the hips, whereas a wide-legged standing forward bend is good for stretching the back and shoulders.

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