What Are Some Good Workouts to Get Rid of Love Handles?


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Workouts that effectively minimize fat in the area above the hips incorporate a mix of high-intensity interval training and targeted exercises for the rectus and transverse abdominals. High-intensity interval training helps the body burn fat through cardio engagement, and weight-lifting can help strengthen the core muscles. Example exercises include deadlifts, kettleball swings, Russian twists, planks, burpees and hanging leg raises.

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It is important to remember that diet plays an equal role when attempting to get rid of unwanted fat on any area of the body. Exercises designed to target the abdominals help to build muscle underneath the layer of fat that comprises a person's love handles, but these exercises cannot directly cause the love handles to disappear. Overall fat loss must be achieved in order to trim the waistline and expose the defined muscle underneath the layer of fat. If the body is not provided with clean fuel, it is unable to burn fat efficiently.

In addition to a consistent and effective workout routine, Patel recommends eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables, lean proteins and fruits. Unhealthy items, such as processed oils, refined sugars and dangerous fats, should be avoided, as they can lead to weight gain and future health complications.

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