What Is a Good Workout Schedule for Men?


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A good beginner's workout schedule for men includes two to four 30-minute cardiovascular workouts and three weight-training workouts per week, plus a nutrition plan designed around the goals of the individual. A fitness routine results in increased muscle mass and endurance, which are prerequisites for the health and aesthetic benefits of working out. Individuals with health concerns should consult a physician before starting an exercise routine.

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Cardiovascular workouts improve endurance and spur fat loss. It is necessary to complete at least 30 minutes of continuous aerobic exercise at a minimum of 60 percent maximum heart rate to achieve these benefits. Men whose primary fitness goal is weight loss should complete cardiovascular workouts four times per week, while those primarily seeking to increase muscle mass should complete cardiovascular workouts twice per week. Since men tend to store fat in the belly, the results of cardiovascular endurance workouts can primarily be seen in the waistline.

For beginners, mild-on-the-joints exercises, such as swimming or elliptical machine workouts, are recommended. Weight-lifting sessions build muscle and increase metabolism. Men should weight train three days per week with a rest day between each workout. Each workout day should focus on one of three muscle groups: chest and upper arms, legs and core.

It is critical to eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, vegetables, lean fruits and healthy fats. Those wishing to lose weight should aim for a 500-calorie-per-day deficit, while those wishing to gain muscle mass should aim at a 500-per-day calorie surplus.

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