What Is a Good Workout Routine for Kids?


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A seven-step program that starts with light, aerobic exercises for two or three minutes is available from ParentDish.com. Step two requires two or three minutes of motion exercises or stretching, and step three is push-ups from the floor or against the wall. Steps four and five are body squats and stomach crunches. Step six includes wall sits, and the last step is taking a break.

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ParentDish.com further notes that step one can include aerobic workouts, such as walking, jogging or jumping jacks. These warm up the muscles and joints. The choices for step two are side-to-side neck rolls, arm circles and trunk twists. Standing toe touches and hip circles are other options. Step two teaches kids flexibility and balance. Push-ups for step three requires doing as many as possible with no breaks.

ParentDish.com mentions that step four should be done by having the children spread their feet apart with both hands on the hips. They should lower their bodies, as if sitting on a chair, with the knees not bent over 90 degrees. This exercise should be repeated for one or two minutes. An additional one or two minutes is reserved for doing stomach crunches.

ParentDish.com adds that wall sitting entails leaning against a wall and lowering to a sitting position. The child should hold that position for two minutes. The last step is a period where the child can rest and follow with the same exercise plan multiple times. The entire program lasts anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, and it should be repeated at least three times each week. Switch exercises every couple of weeks to keep children fully engaged.

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