What Are Some Good Weight Management Programs?


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Weight management programs some people have found effective include the 3-hour Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Best Life Diet and the Blood Type Diet, explains Healthline. With varying degrees of popularity, other weight management programs are the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Caveman Diet, the Fat Flush Plan, Jenny Craig and the Macrobiotic Diet.

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Rooted in the belief that eating frequently boosts metabolism rates and burns fat, the 3-Hour Diet follows a regimented plan of eating small portions every three hours throughout the day, states Healthline. There are no restrictions about the types of food eaten, but there are limitations to the amount of food eaten.

Based on the notion that eating fewer carbohydrates causes a person's body to lose more fat, the Atkins Diet advises people to eat low-starch vegetables and lean proteins while staying away from simple carbohydrates such as sugar and flour, according to Healthline. To keep blood sugar levels at an optimum range, people are advised to limit glycemic food.

The Best Life Diet is used to figure out what causes a person to be unhealthy in the first place to address those issues, notes Healthline. Rather than provide an immediate solution as many diets aim to do, it claims to change the way people live, eat and exercise to create long-lasting results.

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