What Are Some Good Ways for Women to Find a Man?


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Some good ways to meet single men include attending cultural events, going to events alone and asking out waiters. These strategies can help single women meet men, though they all require a bit of assertiveness.

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What Are Some Good Ways for Women to Find a Man?
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Creative cultural events such as readings, art openings, film screenings and live music performances are all potential venues to meet single guys. These events are typically populated by hardworking creative types, many of whom are likely to be single. People tend to clump together in groups at these events, but assertive women can make efforts to approach strangers and strike up conversation. The stakes are very low and the potential rewards very high.

Attending events alone can provide extra encouragement to get out and meet other people. Rather than relying on a safety net of friends, try picking out an event from local listings and attending it solo. Even if attempts to strike up conversation with an attractive stranger aren’t successful, making the effort keeps women in practice and makes it easier to meet other single men in the future.

While no one should harass a food server, many women may find that a bit of flirting with a waiter can elicit a positive reaction in many men. Try to keep it subtle, but don’t be afraid to ask a waiter who reacts positively for his phone number after the meal.

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