What Are Some Good Ways to Relieve Stomach Aches?


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Taking an over-the-counter acid reducer or antacid relieves stomach aches due to heartburn, while laxatives or mild stool softeners treat stomach aches due to constipation, according to WebMD. A dose of acetaminophen helps to relieve pain associated with a stomach ache, too.

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Individuals can find relief from stomach ache symptoms by drinking clear fluids to remain hydrated, recommends WebMD. Stomach aches that produce vomiting or nausea indicate the need for rest and hydration.

Avoiding salt and foods that promote water retention and cause gas is beneficial for those with stomach aches due to excessive gas, suggests Women'sHealth. Foods that cause gas include beans, cauliflower and broccoli. Instead, people should choose foods that help to regulate the digestive system, such as yogurt. Herbal teas that include ginger root may help to alleviate pain from a stomach ache and speed up the process of food moving from the stomach to the small intestine.

Tenderness in the lower right abdomen accompanied by fever and vomiting may indicate appendicitis, explains WebMD. Abdominal pain may also be due to ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage in women. Patients should seek immediate medical care for these symptoms. If a stomach ache lingers for a few days or is accompanied by symptoms that include nausea or vomiting, fever, bloody stools or urine, painful urination or breathing difficulties, the patient needs evaluation by a medical professional.

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