What Are Some Good Ways to Quit Smoking?


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Nicotine replacement therapy, avoiding triggers, complete abstinence, delaying the impulse to smoke, physical activity and relaxation techniques are ways to quit smoking, states Mayo Clinic. Enlisting the help of friends, family or a support group for moral support may also help to combat smoking impulses.

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What Are Some Good Ways to Quit Smoking?
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Nicotine replacement therapies can be prescribed by a doctor, states Mayo Clinic. These treatments include a nicotine nasal spray, a nicotine inhaler and medications such as bupropion and varenicline. Over-the-counter nicotine replacements are also available such as lozenges, patches and gum. Identifying and avoiding trigger situations such as drinking in a bar or at parties or watching television helps to quit smoking, and complete abstinence from smoking instead of having just one are also effective quitting methods.

Waiting 10 minutes before giving into the impulse to smoke is another effective way to quit smoking, claims Mayo Clinic. Distracting yourself during these 10 minutes with activities such as woodwork, prayer, journaling and needlework is an effective way to delay tobacco cravings. Thirty minutes of moderate physical activity such as walking, jogging, pushups, running in place, deep knee bends, running in place, walking up and down a set of stairs or even chores reduce craving intensity. Replacing smoking with relaxation techniques such as yoga, visualization, deep-breathing exercises, massage and hypnosis are effective ways to quit smoking if tobacco is used to deal with stress.

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